Measuring Guide

Firstly you'll need a tape measure and a pen and paper, here's how to go about it.

How to measure

For a great result, ensure you have a minimum window depth of 60mm. This means the blind will fit neatly inside the recess. If the depth is less than 60mm the blind will protrude out of the recess.

  1. To start, draw a square or rectangle on a piece of paper – this is your window frame. If you are measuring multiple windows, give them a label, such as 'kitchen window 1' so you don't get confused later on.
  2. Grab your tape measure and place it within the inside window recess. Measure across the inside of frame from one end to the next. Do this at the top and bottom of the frame as not all windows are perfectly square.

    Write down the width of your window frame.

    Note that Zone Interiors Roller Blinds include an allowance for installation brackets – see pack for details and adjust accordingly.
  3. Measure the length (vertical drop) from the top of the inside recess to the base of the window sill.

    Write down the length of your window frame. 
  4. Double-check both measurements.